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1600 Reasons to Tell People about the Weekender in 2018

In looking back at the amazing year of 2017 through the lens of the Weekender, I am astonished at the numbers. This year alone we have seen over 400 people go through the Weekender. That brings us to not just over 1500 people (our five-year goal) but over 1600 people total through the Weekender since it began. We have also seen over 300 people go through our On Ramp process. This has been the biggest year thus far for Mercy Hill and the Weekender.

People Are the Mission

But we need to always remember that these numbers aren’t just numbers, these numbers represent people, people with a story. For many of them, it is a story where they heard the gospel for the first time, and God has begun to work in their lives. 

Each person who attended the Weekender this year got to hear the story of how God has been at work in Mercy Hill for five years. They came on Friday and got to hear our DNA from Pastor Andrew—in other words, who we are and who we will always be. They heard our Theological Distinctives—what we believe and why we believe it. They came back on Saturday and heard about Covenant Membership, Community Groups, serving, and stewardship. These things are all essential to the discipleship process at Mercy Hill. 

Out of the over 400 people who came in 2017, over 300 of them went through the On Ramp process on Sunday of the Weekender. This means we had an opportunity to add volunteers to the serve teams of First Impressions, Kids, and Worship Arts. That means that more people can be served at Mercy Hill in 2018. 

There Is More to Do

But the job isn’t done yet! Our Edgefield campus launches in January 2018 and with the excitement and planning the Together Initiative brings, there will be many new people at Mercy Hill over 2018, and we need to see them go to the Weekender. We are seeing roughly over 2000 people weekly attend services at Mercy Hill, so as we grow, we need to see more people serving, in groups, and in covenant membership. To do that we need those who haven’t been to a Weekender to go and those that have, shoulder-tapping others and inviting them to the Weekender. The Weekender is the “big front door” to Mercy Hill. Let’s see another 1600 walk through it in 2018.

-Paul Howington (Assimilation Associate Director)