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You Only Have a Short Window to Be a “Super” Hero

Superheroes are as popular as they’ve ever been, with new superhero movies coming out seemingly every weekend over the past few years. Not only that, every new superhero movie seems to break the box office record of the one set before it. I heard a speaker the other day who has taken his son to […]

What Am I Going to Do with My Life?

“Hey, Jon. I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life.”  I was at an end-of-college crisis the summer before my senior year. I went into college in August of 2014 pursuing a degree in theatre, but by the end of my Junior year, I wasn’t too sure I wanted to pursue […]

How I Plan on Winning the Kids Week Photo Booth Contest

We in Mercy Hill Kids cannot contain our excitement for Kids Week. We’ve been making slime, creating superhero trading cards, and sorting hundreds of capes. In order to make our joy complete, Mercy Hill Kids is sponsoring a photo booth contest in the weeks leading up to Kids Week. In the kids’ lobbies at each […]

Church Plant Update | Grace Alive, Orlando

We are committed to planting churches in strategic locations to advance the gospel of Jesus. One of our recent church plants is Grace Alive in Orlando, Florida. On Sunday, May 13th, they had 206 people attend their gathering. This is their largest Sunday attendance since they launched 8 months ago! Here are some recent pics […]

Re-Imagining My Summer

I had been out of school five years when I made the seemingly abrupt decision to go back to pursue a graduate degree this past year. While I actually enjoy the process of learning, one aspect of school I had forgotten about during my time away was the built-in breaks afforded by the academic calendar. […]

3 Ways to Love Your Neighbors during Ramadan

In just five days, nearly 25% of the world will enter into what they consider to be the holiest month of the year, Ramadan. Muslims all over the world will fast to celebrate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad—that’s nearly two billion people. In 2010, the best estimate for Muslims in our own […]

How My Life Changed During College Because of the Church

The first time I went to Mercy Hill, I knew I found a home. I was an incoming freshman—already at High Point University for summer school—when I got invited by Greta, my teammate. I saw people worshiping Jesus with such an authentic passion, and I realized that these are the kind of people I want […]

Are You Getting Heavenly Rewards?

This week in our Community Groups, we are studying Matthew 6:1-6. While studying this passage, I realized that there is a concept in these verses that is often passed over: heavenly rewards. What does Jesus mean when he says in verses 4 and 6, “And your Father who sees in secret will reward you”?[1] Remembering […]