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Raising Barns and Changing Lives

Have you ever been invited to a Raising Bee? If not, I bet your grandparents have, and if they haven’t, it is almost guaranteed that your great grandparents have. A Raising Bee, also known as a Barn Raising, was common in colonial times, and the tradition held firm in many rural areas well into the […]

One Goal Down, Two to Go

Hey Mercy Hill, This blog is both a recap and a continued celebration of what you may already know. Certainly, after such a powerful weekend of baptisms two weekends ago, we have much to celebrate. First of all, there were 53 baptisms and just under half of those were decisions that were made that very day! Baptism […]

What Could Mercy Hill Possibly Do With 600 Pool Noodles?

It’s coming. 600 pool noodles, 60 boxes of Goldfish, and 6 overly caffeinated Kids Team Staff can only mean one thing. Kids Week is almost here. This summer we are having an awesome 4-day Wild West adventure held from Tuesday, June 20th through Friday, June 23rd at BOTH campuses. Regional and Clifton will be simultaneously […]

Three Reasons Why You Want to Go to Camp

Year after year, hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of students across the world pack their belongings into duffel bags and load them on buses for camp. This tradition is not unique to our culture, but our culture has certainly made it unique. Often, the image that comes to mind is Lindsey Lohan playing herself and her […]

The Three-Theater War of College Ministry

Originally, at the end of the 19th century, gasoline was perceived to be a useless byproduct of refining kerosene until engineers discovered its usefulness for the combustion engine. Once the inherent value was realized, engineers perfected the refinement process, and the world of the “horseless carriage” was born. One of the greatest pools of sending […]

Easter 2017 Photo Recap

What a blessing it was to celebrate the gospel over Easter weekend at Mercy Hill Church! Our Easter services kicked off  on Thursday night at our Regional campus, and then we had 6 additional services on Sunday between our Regional campus and our Clifton Road campus. We worshipped together, saw many new faces at our […]

I Sponsored a Child! Now What? Part 2 of 4: Everyone Loves a Letter

The simplest way to start developing a relationship with your sponsored child is by sending your child a letter. Not sure what you should write? Here are 80 letter-writing prompts to get you started: https://www.compassion.com/letter-writing/letter-writing-prompts.htm -Bryan Miller (Connections & Missions Pastor) Everybody Loves a Letter from Compassion International on Vimeo.