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Gospel Goodbye between a Mother and Daughter

By the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry, many of the crowds who had been so intrigued by him had turned away. Twelve men remained, and even one of those was a traitor. Yet from there, Jesus’ influence has spread across the globe impacting lives and culture for thousands of years. How did it happen? One […]

3 Ways to Not Make Your Summer Break a Jesus Break

You made it! You have (almost) finished another year of school. To our seniors that are graduating: congratulations! I’m sure the first reaction all of you are going to have as soon as you run out from your last exam is to celebrate . . . and then start the endless cycle of sleep and […]

What’s Next after Baptism?

Why do we say baptism is the first step of discipleship? Consider a child learning how to walk. Once a child learns, there’s no turning back. Imbalanced teetering turns into steady strides, and walking becomes the primary way to move around. What once seemed so challenging becomes second nature. When a believer is baptized it […]

You’ve Got a Bad Case of “Finals”

The Symptoms Dark circles under your eyes. Hair that hasn’t been washed in a week. Four-day-old groutfit. Bloodshot eyes. If you are displaying these symptoms, chances are you’ve come down with a case of “Finals,” You can’t remember the last time you got more than four hours of sleep. You’re practically in a relationship with […]

Community Was the Missing Piece

A few years ago, Will and Lauren Thrasher were new to Mercy Hill and wanted to move into deeper involvement within the church. Below is their story of how joining a Community Group didn’t come without hesitation and uncertainty; however, looking back, they couldn’t image what their life would be like without being in community […]

Five Things to Remember during Finals

It’s almost finals week again. The weather is (finally) warming up, and the last thing you probably want to do is study. There is just something about finals in the spring—they seem like the only thing holding you back from summer. There are those of you who hate finals week. It causes anxiety and panic […]

Are You A Slave to Social Media?

Social media users typically fall in one of three categories: 1) the poster, 2) the scroller, or 3) all of the above. 1. To the Poster It probably goes something like this: your phone is always out ready to capture your dinner, the candid—or the fake-laughing candid—of friends, or the guy doing wheelies on a […]

What is a Guardian ad Litem?

The author, Leslie, was appointed as a Guardian ad Litem in November 2016. She currently advocates for three children in Guilford County. Click here for further information on Mercy Hill’s adoption and foster care ministry. When I heard about the adoption and foster care ministry at Mercy Hill, my heart was filled. For the past […]

Serving the Sent

College spring break is painted as a time to get away from campus and forget about the midterms that were actively trying to end your college career. It is usually spent at the beach with a group of friends living a week of unforgettable and regretfully-documented partying. All of a sudden, classmates who complained about […]