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What is City Project?

City Project is an eight-week discipleship opportunity for college students where students are trained to grow deeper as a disciple of Christ and learn to make disciples who make disciples!

This is a chance to spend two months being immersed in the local church and cities around the globe. Each person will travel to New York City for one week to engage Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists with the gospel. The middle of the summer includes several weeks in Greensboro receiving practical theological and ministry training by pastors at Mercy Hill Church. During this time, students will learn to effectively share the gospel and give their lives away to the city of Greensboro, NC in response to the gospel through internships with local ministries and members of the Mercy Hill Staff. During the last two weeks of the summer, each student will travel abroad to serve in an international context alongside Summit Church Planters. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the mission of God, develop a heart and mind for God, and better understand what it means to leverage one’s entire life for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Mercy Hill Church - College Ministry - Sent Initiative - City Project Student

City Project Steps

  • Step 1 - Fill out the application

    If you’re interested in participating in City Project, please fill out the online application here.

  • Step 3 - Interview with MH Staff

    Once you complete your online application and your reference forms have been submitted, a member of our college staff team will contact you for an interview.

City Project FAQs

How much money do I have to raise?

This year’s projected cost is $4800 per student.

How do I go about raising the money, and when should I start?

The primary way is through communicating to those who want to invest in your development as a disciple of Jesus. Through letter or email, combined with a personal visit or phone call, convey the unique opportunity you have in the City Project. This is more than a mission trip. It is a holistic development of right thinking about God, a vision for the church, and a love for the people of the world.

You should start having these conversations as soon as you turn in your application. You don’t have to ask for money yet, but especially to those you know well, begin talking about the City Project and share your excitement with them. Have your letters ready to mail upon acceptance. After your official acceptance into the City Project, we will train you how to raise support and you will be given sample letters and other resources to use.

What if I can’t raise the money by the time City Project starts?

We know that raising this sum of money can be a daunting task, so rather than requiring all the funds up front, we have set up several incremental deadlines. An initial, non-refundable deposit of $300 will be due upon your acceptance to City Project. The remaining balance will be due in increments and a full payment schedule will be given to students upon their acceptance to the program.

What is the money used for?

Most funds go toward your plane ticket and in country costs for the International trip. Other costs include books, your living expenses, paying teachers, food, and the NYC trip.

Where do I stay during the summer?

During your month long stay in Greensboro, you will live with a host family from Mercy Hill Church.

Can I work another job during the summer?

Yes. You will have Friday and Saturday off (during the local portion of the summer) and you may also take off one afternoon per week for purposes of working another job. It is certainly not ideal to work during the summer to help with your focus, but we understand and appreciate those who need to work in order to survive. With that in mind, the international and national trips are required portions of the program, so you would need to be absent from the job for several weeks during the summer.

What does a typical week look like?

There are no “typical” weeks at the City Project. You will spend Monday through Thursday attending a variety of different classes from 9am- Noon. After lunch, you will meet with your mentor and go to work for your particular community ministry in Greensboro or your internship with Mercy Hill Church.

There may be particular projects that come up throughout the summer that the City Project is asked to help with from Mercy Hill Kids Week to Serve GSO to any number of projects that we have going on. In those cases, we may veer from the typical daily schedule, at least outside of class. The weeks spent on a church-planting trip will be different from day-to-day.

Can I get college or seminary credit for this course?

Currently, we are not providing seminary or college credit for any of the classes you take this summer. We believe this will ultimately be a good thing, and believe the classes/courses you take will further your love for God and others.

Where will the international trips be, and what will we do?

Everyone will spend 1 week in New York City working with Global Gates. On this trip, you will learn to share your faith with those of several different religions and get hands on experience doing just that! You will walk the streets looking for people of peace and seeking to share your faith. The trip will include awesome coaching and relationship building. It’s often student’s favorite week of the summer!

There are three International trip options. These international trips will be assigned based on the City Project leadership’s discretion, though we want to hear your preferences and will take your interest into consideration. We will talk to you about your interests in your interview. In each location, you will work alongside long-term church planters from our sister church The Summit or Mercy Hill partners and live life in their shoes for two weeks! The locations are: Peru, India, Montreal, Spain and Indonesia.

When does City Project start and end?

Students will receive a more detailed schedule upon acceptance, but the program runs May – July.

What if I have to miss some time due to a prior engagement (wedding, end of school, family reunion, etc.)?

Certainly time missed takes away from your overall experience, but we consider things on a case-by-case basis.

How do you determine with whom I do my internship?

Based on your interview, skill set, and preference, we try to find a match for you both in type of ministry and personality of mentor. This will be discussed further in your interview.

After I submit my application, what is my next step?

You will be contacted by College Staff at Mercy Hill to set up an interview. After being interviewed you will be contacted by February 13th to let you know if you are accepted to the program.

If accepted, you are required then to attend a kickoff meeting (all day) on Saturday, February 18th at the Mercy Hill Office location.

We will meet together in person as a large group at least three times between your acceptance in February and the project’s start in May for encouragement, direction, and accountability. These will be times of spiritual preparation as well as coaching with regards to your support raising.

E-mail any questions to Jon at jsheets@mercyhillgso.com.

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