Go Short-term

When it comes to short-term missions, a driving conviction we hold to is to do short-term trips with the long-term in view. This is done through strategic partnership with our long-term missionaries around the world. We send our short-term teams to encourage our field partners and serve as an extension of their ministry to reach the lost and disciple the nations. Short-term trips are one of the best discipleship opportunities at our church.

Steps to going with a Short-term Team

  • Step 1: Select a Trip

    Choose which trip is best for you from the opportunities below.

  • Step 2: Apply

    Complete the Short-term Team Member application below. For international trips, you will need a current passport before starting your application. A $100 deposit is due before final acceptance to a short-term team.

  • Step 3: Raise Support

    Each Team Member is responsible for raising financial and prayer support. You will be guided in how to do this successfully and must demonstrate diligence to meet your support goals.

  • STEP 4: Attend Team Meetings

    Most short-term trips will have 3-4 required team meetings prior to the trip. These team meetings focus on spiritual preparation, team unity, ministry training and trip logistics.

  • STEP 5: Go with a Servant’s Spirit

    The aim of each trip is to assist our long-term partners in accomplishing their God-given goals. There is no job that is too small for you to do.

Qualifications for a Short-term Team Member

1. Follower of Christ
2. Active participation with Mercy Hill Church
3. Humility to learn from and serve others

Upcoming Trips

Dominican Republic | October 13 – 19

Come alongside local teachers to help mentor at-risk students through Vision Trust International.

  • Team Size: 25
  • Cost: $1850
  • Application Deadline: September 1

South Asia | October 13 – 20

Equip local believers to disciple others and build the church among an unreached people group.

  • Closed Trip

Quebec, Canada | October 13 – 20

Engage college students to help them connect to the church in one of the least-churched cities of North America.

  • Team Size: 6-8
  • Estimated Cost: $1000
  • Application Deadline: September 1

FAQs for Short-term Trips

1. Will I have to eat strange food?

Tasting the foods of another culture can be fun and exciting. It can also endear you to the people you go to serve. So you will be encouraged to eat as you see others eating. We do not want to offend our hosts by snubbing their food or disrespecting their table customs. At the same time, we don’t want to offend our tummies. Our field partners understand the American pallet and will help guide you on the appropriate way to decline something you just don’t think you can stomach. If you have dietary restrictions, be sure to note that in your team member application.

2. Do I need to know a different language?

The short answer is no. Learning basic greetings and phrases in your host’s native tongue communicates your interest and care. But you are not expected to speak their language. Interpreters will be assigned as necessary to overcome language barriers.

3. Where will we stay?

Accommodations vary for each trip. We’ve sent teams who’ve slept in hammocks, on dirt-floors in people’s homes, hostels, hotels and guesthouses. Our field partners strive to find accommodations that are clean and appealing, but don’t expect to stay at the Ritz. You will likely be without some of the amenities you’re accustomed to.

4. What should I wear?

Modesty is a must. Long pants and skirts will be the typical attire. Women may be encouraged to wear scarfs and long shirts. Team Leaders will also guide you on what is appropriate to pack for the climate you are entering.

5. Can I afford to go?

Few Short-term Team Members fund the entirety of the trip themselves. You are encouraged to raise support because the process of support raising will better prepare you for your ministry in multiple ways. Upon acceptance to a team, you will be coached and equipped to successfully raise support to cover the cost of your trip.

More Ways to Go

If God is calling you to the nations, there are multiple pathways for you to go mid or long-term. Contact our Missions Director bmiller@mercyhillgso.com to explore how to be sent from Mercy Hill.