We live in a broken world, but the Gospel assures us Jesus will restore all things. His kingdom is a better kingdom than anything this world has to offer. One day, with Jesus reigning, there will be no hunger, no orphans, no injustice, and all that is now broken will be mended.

As Jesus reigns in our lives, we as a church want to give our community a taste of what Christ’s kingdom will one day look like. We want to serve the under-served, help the hurting, and care for those who are vulnerable and in distress as a witness to the restoration Jesus brings.

The people of Mercy Hill Church are loving our community in countless ways—many of which are not organized through our church. So don’t think the areas listed below are the only ways we are excited for you to serve. Our strategy for community ministry is to bless those currently serving and help connect and equip those who desire to serve with those who are. There are five areas where we will help you plug in to Gospel-centered ministry to our community by joining those who are already engaged.

Love the Orphan

The Mercy Hill Orphan Care Ministry exists to glorify the Father as we aid and encourage the church to provide Gospel-driven care for orphans and families through prayer, resources, support, and sacrificial generosity. Our vision is to see families and individuals catalyzed to respond to the gospel by caring for orphans through adoption, foster care, child advocacy, mentorship, and missions.

Mercy Hill Local Missions - Orphan
Mercy Hill Local Missions - Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center

Love the Mother and her Pre-born child

No one is more vulnerable in our society than the pre-born. Together with Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center we want to stand for the pre-born and care for the mothers and fathers of an unexpected pregnancy. Greensboro Pregnancy Care offers a wide range of care in this area, and we have members serving who we want to connect you to if you have a passion for this ministry.

Love the Prisoner

We who were once isolated from God for choosing our own way can effectively minister to the prisoner. As followers of Jesus we can go and make disciples of inmates and give them the courage to follow Christ even under the pressures of incarceration. You can help a group of our men lead Bible studies and offer prayer and counsel to inmates on a weekly basis.

Mercy Hill Local Missions - Prison
Mercy Hill Local Missions - Refugee

Love the Refugee

The Triad is a haven for many refugees who have left their homeland because of persecution. Arriving in a completely foreign land with very few connections (if any), refugees need the support of a community that the local church is ideal to provide. From simply offering smiles at the airport to helping navigate public transportation and to aiding in the search for employment, there are many ways you can join us and love the individuals and families seeking refuge in our city.

Love the Homeless

In Jesus’ kingdom there will be no more hunger or homelessness. By serving the homeless of our city, we demonstrate the love God has for them and the hope He offers. And by partnering with Gospel-centered ministries, we have opportunity to share with the poor what God has done for them through Christ.

Mercy Hill Local Missions - Homeless